Lisa Johnson Vitiligo to be cured by Narrowband UV light therapy

Lisa Johnson had a normal, happy childhood until she noticed a white mark on her body when she was around seven years old, then it developed on to her leg and just kept spreading. She came to know that she has a skin disease called Vitiligo.

Lisa Johnson suffered horrendous bullying while growing up with vitiligo and has bad memories of that period of her life.

“When I was in high school the kids were very mean to me. ‘The abuse, the name-calling and the fighting were all very difficult to deal with. I would just go home and cry – I would always run home straight to my sister, she has always had my back and fought my battles for me.

Rare Skin Condition Leaves Woman With Black And White Body

After 17 years of suffering and misery, Lisa Johnson has finally found a cure for her Vitiligo. She was recommended a course of Narrowband UV light therapy by Dr Pearl Grimes, Director of The Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute of Southern California, which should recolour her skin.

Rare Skin Condition Leaves Woman With Black And White Body
But the therapy could take some time to take effect, so in the short term Lisa has been given a specialist cover-up product. A computer generates a special formula after analysing images of Lisa’s skin and it tells a dermatologist how much of each colour to use to cover over the white patches.

Lisa was ecstatic after the procedure, she expressed her joy as:

‘It just feels absolutely fantastic – to see the smile on my sister’s face when she saw me really warms my heart and my soul. I feel like I can be me again.’

Lisa Johnson is a new woman now

Lisa Johnson’s story appears in a new series of Body Bizarre, which airs every Thursday at 9pm on TLC.


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